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Brad grew up in New York as part of a musical family, picking up his first instrument at 10 years old and learning everything he could from his father, accomplished musician Rockey Secore.

2009 brought Brad to Tampa Bay, where he has been a fixture in the professional music scene ever since. During his current eight-year stretch with TBMN Band of the Year Retribution, Brad has been recognized as TBMN’s Bassist of the Year.

Now, in addition to Retribution, Brad is also currently playing bass for Wicked Serenity and Signs of Sacrifice.

Over the course of his career, he has performed with members of Saigon Kick, Prince, Skid Row, Savatage, Kamelot, John Olivia's Pain, and Queensryche.

Some of the bass players that have influenced Brad’s style include Duff McKagan, John Paul Jones, Paul D'Amour, Justin Chancellor, Geezer Butler, Tim Commerford, Mike Inez, and Jason Newsted.

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