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Ilyn Nathaniel is a highly talented American musician, songwriter, and graphic designer. He gained recognition as the bass player for Eve To Adam and has played a significant role in the music industry.


Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, Ilyn was exposed to music from a young age and developed his skills as a guitarist, drummer, bassist, and vocalist. In addition to his musical pursuits, Ilyn has a strong background in graphic design, having worked on layouts and interviews for his own punk zine in 1995. He also designed and printed album covers for various bands, showcasing his creative abilities.


Throughout his career, Ilyn has been involved with several bands, including ctrl/alt/delete, Nye, Burning Vegas, Klik, Soulidium, and Together In Exile. He has contributed his musical talents to these projects, playing different instruments and making a mark in the industry. Currently, Ilyn is a team member of Tribute Brands LLC, where he combines his musical and graphic design expertise.


This allows him to contribute to the creation and development of tribute brands, taking his creative abilities to new heights. With a diverse skill set and a career spanning over 28 years, Ilyn Nathaniel continues to leave a lasting impression as a musician, songwriter, and graphic designer. His passion for creativity and his dedication to his craft make him a valuable asset in the music and design realms.

Ilyn is also an active music producer.

Graphic Design / EPK and Web Design Executive

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